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Soft Powersuite


    Course overview: 
This in-depth course is designed for custom soft-lens manufacturing personnel who want to get a full understanding of Soft Powersuite, so that they can use its full power with confidence and effectiveness. It will also be of considerable interests to those who want to understand how and why lens designs work, and how to get the most out of a powerful lens design program.

    Course content:

    1. Soft PowerSuite overview and objectives

    2. Basics: installation, updates, configuration etc

    3. Basic screens, inputs and procedures for design of a simple job process

    4. Lens design file options (the design screens)

    5. The relationship between screen inputs and the generic framework which underlies a group of lens designs (the ophthalmic and geometric “whole” behind the input figures)

    6. How front and back designs work together, options and limitations of radius and edge

    7. Recognizing an unworkable design

    8. Simple multicurve designs

    9. Multifocal designs

    10. Toric designs (including reverse geometry)

    11. Prism ballasted designs (if required)

    12. Prism ballasted toric designs

    13. Slab off designs

    14. Storing, retrieving, re-using and modifying data from previously-programmed designs and past jobs (the history screen)

    15. Adjusting Soft PowerSuite to suit the lathing of different soft lens materials

    16. Review and refinement of configuration options; program set-up options

    17. User set-up and enabling different user levels

    18. Networking

    19. The final output – MiniFiles and how the lathe processes them�. Running MiniFiles on the lathe – what, why and how

    Delegate profile: 
Suitable for technical or production staff who will use Soft PowerSuite to make custom soft lenses. This course will be of most benefit to those who have some experience or exposure to the making of contact lenses.

    This course is only available in English.

    Duration: 1 day

    Locations and dates:

    Aylesbury UK: as per Sterling training schedule
    Florida USA: as per Sterling training schedule
    Or at your premises, by arrangement.