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Sterling’s experienced specialist engineers provide machine-interface process consulting with a focus on:

  • Analysis of projects and processes, including problem areas (failure analyses.)
  • Design and development of solutions and improvements (may include aspects of innovation and re-engineering), with an emphasis on the best use of OPTOFORM and NANOFORM ultra-precision machine systems.
    – Criteria will always include: sound and robust processes; cost-effective and efficient production processes and process flow; consistent quality manufacturing and compliance with industry standards; safety etc.
  • Planning and implementation of solutions and process improvements, integration of improvements / innovations with existing procedures.
  • Evaluation, trouble-shooting and on-going development of manufacturing process capability improvements.
  • Forecasting and predictive planning (includes how future R&D / production needs and technological innovation may interact, as well as preventative maintenance, contingency planning etc.)
  • Please contact us by email, telephone or fax at our USA or United Kingdom offices, to discuss your questions or arrange a consulting visit

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