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About Us

Sterling Ultra Precision manufacturers the world’s most advanced ultra-precision CNC lathes for ophthalmic applications. Our Optoform series lathes are the technology of choice for all major manufacturers of intraocular lenses and contact lenses regardless of whether the lenses are produced by direct lathing or by molding processes.

Sterling’s FTS 1000 fast tool servo is renown in the ophthalmic industry as being the best fast tool servo technology for manufacturing complex and non-rotationally symmetric parts such as toric designs in both metals and polymers. Sterling’s powerful and easy-to-use software is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Optoform lathes.

Lab operators can easily program the Optoforms to manufacture complex intraocular, gas permeable and soft contact lens designs. Our powerful machine-control programs enable direct control over the machines’ lathing routine.

Sterling also supplies and supports Precitech’s Nanoform X for ultra precision ophthalmic molding applications. Our MiniFile Path Editor software program permits lens designers to program their own lathe files with 384 meridian accuracy. Our custom software programs are used to produce millions of contact and intraocular lenses every day.

Sterling also offers quality-tested peripheral machinery, metrology, as well as FDA approved materials and consumables for your ophthalmic application. As ophthalmic application and machine experts, we provide applications’ consultation to all of our Optoform and Nanoform customers. Additionally, Sterling offers outstanding training in all aspects of hardware and software operation, maintenance, diagnostics, troubleshooting and process optimization.