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  • Bladder Polishers

    This innovative versatile tool polisher is suitable for soft and RGP lenses. It is ideal for concave surfaces, and for the contour-polishing of toric and aspherical lenses.

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  • Edge polisher 300px
    Edge Polishers

    This simple, reliable, maintenance free edger is perfect for today’s manufacturing processes. It was designed specifically for CNC lathe turned edges and takes advantage of modern precision blocking processes.

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  • Tumbler Polishers

    Tumble polishers for intra-ocular lenses are available in a range of sizes, in single or multi-tiered options. They use a simple but safe and robust operating principle, allowing for total control over the tumble polishing process. Each machine is fitted with one or more pairs of rollers.

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  • Radial Arm Polishers for RGP Lenses

    This cost-effective and durable precision radial-arm polishing machine uses Bridge Technology to increase precision and to achieve higher production through-put when polishing concave, convex and aspheric surfaces.

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  • Lateral Arm Polishers for RGP Lenses

    The lateral arm polisher offers simplicity of operation and maintenance, together with high productivity, and precision polishing results.

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