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  • Optowave 40 intereferometer
    OptoWave 40

    Full-featured interferometer that can provide non-contact measurement of flat or spherical surfaces and transmitted wavefront of optical components and assemblies.

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  • Radiusgauge with laptop 300px

    The functions of two instruments in one, measuring both the curvature and thickness of contact lenses on a single instrument.

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  • Lensmeter 300px

    Fast and easy way to accurately measure all lenses including: Single Vision, Bi-focal, Progressive, and Prism.

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  • Microscope 300px

    Binocular stereo zoom microscope with stand, which comes with an 0.7x to 4.5x objective lens (the lower lens) and 10x eyepieces.

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  • Wet Cell

    Instruments for the accurate measurement and inspection of soft contact lenses. The soft contact lenses are immersed in a saline solution, using a wet cell for lens analysis.

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