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Optoform 60

Optoform 60 ophthalmic lathe
  • Overview +

    Next generation two-axis, computer controlled contouring lathe designed for high speed manufacturing of contact lenses and intraocular lenses. When equipped with the FTS 5000 fast tool servo, Optoform 60 produces the world’s finest freeform lens designs. The machine control software is extremely flexible, accommodating a wide range of applications.

  • Features and Benefits +

    Ergonomic intuitive controls accessed from a pivoting color touch screen
    Task light and vacuum chip extraction
    Highly visible machine status indicator light
    Optoform 60 ophthalmic lathe feature highlights
    Retractable keyboard shelf
    Sealed upper enclosure with easy to access work envelope
    • Improved surface quality
      • Proprietary vibration isolation system (TMC)
      • Advanced HX 75 high-speed spindle
      • State of the art pico-resolution encoder system
    • Easily integrates with the world’s most advanced fast tool servo system - the FTS 5000
    • Latest high-performance Power PMAC controller
  • Attachments +

    FTS 5000 fast tool servo for ophthalmic lathes 300px
    FTS 5000

    Fast tool servo attachment for Optoform and Nanoform series ultra-precision lathes. The FTS 5000's 400 m/s2 peak acceleration and 5 mm of travel enable production of high surface quality contact lens and intraocular lens toric designs at very high productivity rates. In addition toric lens designs, FTS 5000 is also ideal for manufacturing other non-rotationally symmetric contact lens features such as prism ballasted, slab-offs, wafer-shaped, and numerous others.

    Link to PDF

    Optomark 3000E Toric Marker Attachment
    • Capable of generating up to 125 marks per lens or mold insert
    • Scribes radial marks on contact lenses, intraocular lenses and metal mold inserts for toric axis referencing
    • Mark accuracy and resolution are 1 degree and 0.25 degree respectively
    • Marker spindle maximum speed is 60,000 rpm
    CNC Spray Mist

    The CNC Controlled Spray Misting Attachment is an option which can be added to Optoform machine systems. (A different version is available for the Nanoform X.) The device delivers a controllable and adjustable mist of lubricating mist to the cutting area under computer control, so that only the nozzle assigned to the diamond tool which is actually cutting the part emits the spraymist. The benefits include significantly improved surface finishes as well as prolonged diamond life. Essential for cutting optical surfaces in non-ferrous metals (mold or insert production) and ‘no-polish’ GP lenses.

    Optomill 3000 Milling Attachment

    This high-speed turning and milling option uses a normal high-speed ultra-precision machining process to cut parts, which are lathed with appropriate diamond tools. The application is the direct milling of intra-ocular lens haptics. It then also automatically engages a low-speed capstan drive to control the part, which is being cut, initiating the milling phase of the operation. A high-speed air-driven turbine tool then cuts the part to a desired shape (e.g. cutting the haptics of an intraocular lens) or mills a desired pattern on the surface of the part. The normal high speed function or the low-speed capstan drive engages or disengages automatically and the diamond tool or the turbine tool moves into place automatically. This allows for the rapid sequencing of each part of the two-fold process, as milling alternates with normal high-speed ultra-precision machining of parts. The single fixturing of each part avoids inaccuracies.

    Click here to download Milling Attachment specifications.

    Freezing Device
    Available collets (pdf)
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