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Sterling AT A GLANCE

Sterling Ultra Precision is the world’s largest manufacturer of ultra-precision ophthalmic lathes for the production of contact lenses and IntraOcular Lenses (IOLs).

Our route to providing world-class lathe technology is the Sterling-Precitech partnership which began in 1991. This collaboration resulted in the introduction of the Optoform® series and Nanoform® series, the first line of CNC lathes to the contact lens and intraocular lens industries. Today, the Optoform brand is the industry standard and is used by every leading manufacturer of contact lenses and IOLs.

Ametek Precitech Inc. manufactures the world’s most advanced ultra-precision machining centers used in electro-optics and precision mechanical component manufacturing for defense, aerospace, consumer optics and many other industries.


19 - 22 January, 2022
Global Specialty Lens Symposium
Las Vegas, NV

28 - 30 April, 2022
European Federation of the Contact Lens and IOL Industry
Barcelona, Spain

17 - 21 September, 2022
European Society of Cataract &
Refractive Surgeons
Milan, Italy

3 - 5 November, 2022
Class Symposium 2022
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

18 - 20 November, 2022
Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry
Shanghai, China


Optoform 60 Ophthalmic Lathe

Next generation two-axis, computer controlled contouring lathe designed for high speed manufacturing of contact lenses and intraocular lenses. When equipped with the FTS 5000 fast tool servo, Optoform 60 produces the world’s finest freeform lens designs.

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