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Hardware Upgrade Paths

PCB closeup

The Optoform 40 and 80 ophthalmic lathes have been in production for over 25 years. Due to technological advances during this time, some machine components are no longer available to repair or replace.

Sterling Ultra Precision is committed to providing long-term support for all Optoform customers. We offer upgrade options for all obsolete components for the Optoform 40 and 80.

Obsolete Component Available Upgrade Hardware to be Upgraded
ISA computer bus components PCI bus compatible components Computer rack, PMAC, CPU board, power supply
BD-15 Interpolator BD-95 Interpolator Interpolator modules for X and Z axes
Saxophone and Harmonica spindle drives Cornet spindle drive Spindle drive amplifier and power supply
Hydro-Unit on Oproform 80 lathes manufactured prior to 2016 Current model Hydro-Unit Complete Hydro-Unit system including pump and control
IDE Hard Disk Drive SATA Solid State Drive Hard Disk Drive and CPU board