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OptoWave 40

  • Overview +

    The Optowave 40 is a full-featured interferometer that can provide non-contact measurement of flat or spherical surfaces and transmitted wavefront of optical components and assemblies. The Optowave 40 is ideal for measuring a wide variety of optical components including but not limited to contact lenses, IntraOcular Lenses and Mold Inserts. Measurements can be made using simple basic visual fringe inspection, IntelliPhaseTM static spatial carrier analysis, or phase-modulated interferogram analysis. The Optowave 40 provides flexibility to handle today’s applications at an unprecedented value.

    Non-Contact and Transmitted Wavefront Measurement of Optical Components and Assemblies


    – Transmission and surface testing of small optics
    – Measure optics, machined parts, ceramics, semiconductors, and wafers
    – Integrated ROC measurements

    Main Features & Benefits

    – 6x zoom for measuring parts as small as 0.5 mm diameter
    – 3 modes of interferogram analysis - Phase shifting,

    IntelliPhaseTM - static spatial carrier analysis, or Fringe Tracing (automated or manual)
    – Small size and form factor design allows easy integration into OEM systems
    – Compact, Rugged design
    – Transmission Spheres from F/0.7 to F/6.0

  • IntelliWave Software Features +

    – Phase-shifted or static acquisition and analysis

    – Peak-to-Valley, RMS measurements, Strehl Ratio

    – Zernike and Seidel analysis

    – Diffraction analysis (PSF, MTF, Encircled Energy)

    – Geometric analysis (Geometric Spot Diagrams, Encircled Energy)

    – Automation for factory floor applications

    – Power filtering and averaging features for noisy data

    – Interface with MATLABTM, IDLTM, MS ExcelTM, and LabVIEWTM

    – IntelliPhaseTM – static spatial carrier analysis

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