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  • Overview +

    MINIFILE GENERATOR Click here to download the MiniGEN CD.  This includes samples of the MiniGEN Interface Format (PDF) Overview: MiniGEN is a software package designed to provide a simple dynamic data path between Optoform ultra-precision lathes, and existing Order-Entry and/or lens design systems. Communication is established via a formatted ASCII text file output by the users existing software. Subsequently Mini-GEN will automatically convert the user file to the Optoform “Minifile” format without additional need for user input.

    • Designed for Soft and GP lenses.
    • Back Surface
      • Multi-Curved, Base Toric, Bi-Toric, Peripheral Toric, spherical and aspherical, blended or not blended.
    • Front Surface.
      • Multi-Curved Toric, Bi-Toric, Prism Ballasted, single or double Slab-Off, spherical and aspherical, using complex blending algorithms.
    • Allows for both radial and axial expansions for soft lenses
    • When used with the optional OptoMark 3000 marking device, manufacturing alignment marks may be machined on the back surface blank, and up to 9 lens orientation marks may be machined on the finished front surface.
    • Checks each lens for possible errors when loading the file for machine and hardware protection
    • Outputs a history log for any errors generated.
  • Mini-GEN can be used in two different modes: +

    • NORMAL MODE is used in more basic systems where the lens front surface geometry must still be calculated for the given lens powers. Here basic information such as lens type, base curve, power, cylinder, axis and diameter are written to the text file, allowing the core of Mini-GEN to make all the required lens calculations, then automatically output the Optoform Minifile. NORMAL MODE limits the user to Power Suite designs. In NORMAL MODE, Mini-Gen is like an extension to the Power Suite lens design program, where anyone can access the data.
    • EXPLICIT MODE is used in more complex systems where all the hard manufacturing data is known, but needs to be formatted for the Optoform lathe. Here actual manufacturing data is written to the text file directly. EXPLICIT MODE allows complete design freedom without the limits of a conventional lens design program.