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Microscope 1000px

A good choice for an ophthalmic lens laboratory microscope, the EMZ5 is Sterling's choice for high quality instrument at an affordable price. It is a binocular stereo zoom microscope with stand, which comes with an 0.7x to 4.5x objective lens (the lower lens) and 10x eyepieces. There are also 12.5x, 15x, 20x or 30x eyepieces available. The optics are "wide field" types, and are of high quality, giving a wide, crisp, and bright image with very good inherent depth-of-field (the portion of the image seen which is in focus from front-to back, or how much of the image can be brought into focus at one time.

  • Body: Binocular rotatable 360°
  • Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1
  • Zoom Range: 0.7x – 4.5x
  • Zoom Control: Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
  • Magnification: 7x – 45x (with 10x eyepieces)
  • Field of View: 32mm – 5.1mm
  • Working distance: 93mm
  • Eye-tube Inclination: 45°
  • Dioptric Adj: Dual (+/- 5 diopters)
  • Extended Mag Range: 2.1x – 270x
  • Inter-pupillary Distance Adjustment: 54mm – 75mm
  • Extended Working Distances: 34mm – 251mm (with supplemental objectives and eyepieces)