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    Current Version 3.4.6383.24585 Download Now

    OptoCad is CAM software for Optoform Lathes. This program enables the user to create an almost unlimited range of surfaces on an Optoform Lathe. Each path is defined using a dxf file that can be generated using any CAD program. OptoCad enables the user to do the following:

    • Use Dxf files to define the cut paths on the machine (up to 127 front and 127 back dxf files and 1 edge dxf file).
    • Choose an option of replacing the optic radius with a different optic type, without modifying the dxf file.
    • The different types of optics you can use are:
    • Sphere
    • Asphere
    • Toric
    • Toric Aspheric.
    • Bifocal
    • Create mold designs for IOL lenses and more