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Soft Power Suite

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    SOFT POWER SUITE combines advanced lens design capabilities with an operator-orientated question and answer based user interface. Simply begin by entering basic lens parameters such as Material, Base Curve, Power and Lens Diameter; continue following prompts to build a lens design exactly the way you want it. Create standard spherical designs, back torics, front torics, prism, and slab offs, add aspheric elements to any of the designs. Take existing simple designs and modify them to include more complex structures. Create back or front design templates for automating standard repetitive tasks. Once designed, lenses are automatically stored in the Soft Power Suite database, from where they are output to the OPTOFORM lathe in Sterling’s well-proven and fast MiniFile Format. Stored lenses may be “called forward” from the database and reproduced, or modified and / or re-designed and reproduced. Features include: * Front Multi-Curves (including multiple lenticular and add zones) * Front Torics with Prism or single and double slab-off * Front Aspherics * Back Multi-Curves (including reverse geometry) * Back Torics (including reverse geometry with either front prism or single and double slab-off) * Back Aspherics * Blended Back or Front Torics for unique no polish designs * Completely blended single and double Slab-off * Intuitive database system… and more… MiniFiles are backward compatible with all existing OPTOFORM technology. The design power of SOFT POWER SUITE can be interfaced to your existing order entry systems via Sterling’s MINI-GEN software. Here your existing order entry system outputs required lens parameters via a text file (format is specified) which is automatically processed into a MiniFile for the ultra-precision OPTOFORM lathe to manufacture. (For further details see MINI-GEN in the Software Section of