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Optomill 363

Optomill 363 haptic mill
  • Overview +

    A high-precision, freestanding Haptic Mill with a resolution of 50 nanometers, developed to facilitate the production of “no-polish” haptics.
  • Engineering Specifications +

      Positioning Accuracy: 0.00008″ (2 microns)

      Repeatability: 0.000008″ (0.2 microns)

      Resolution: 0.0000019″ (0.05 microns)

      Automatic Tool Changer: 36 pocket Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) supporting tools ranging in diameter from 0.002″ – 0.125″

      Working Volume: X: 2.48″ (63mm); Y: 2.48″ (63mm); Z: 2.48″ (63mm)

      Maximum Acceleration: 5G

      Spindle Options Including:
    • Electrically driven spindle featuring a maximum speed of 50,000rpm and automatic-collet based tool changing system
    • Air-bearing, electrically driven spindle featuring a maximum speed of 80,000rpm
    • Air-bearing air-turbine driven spindle featuring a maximum speed of 160,000rpm

    Utility Requirement: Air – 100 PSI, 6CFM; Electricity- 120VAC, 20A
    Advanced Mounting System: Quick-change, high-repeatability workpiece and spindle mount system
  • Machine Features +

    • AC linear motors on X, Yand Z stages
    • Heidenhain linear optical encoders on X, Yand Z stages
    • Precision granite support structures
    • High-performance, open-architecture CNC controller
    High-performance, open-architecture CNC controller
    Optomill 363 dimensions