Minifile Path Editor Training Course

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The MINIFILE PATH EDITOR – is a software technology built upon the innovations facilitated by Sterling Ultra Precision’ development of MiniFiles which describe non-rotationally symmetrical (“freeform”) lenses and surfaces geometrically (using lines and arcs) rather than traditional data points.


  • MiniFile Path Editor Program.
  • Includes a variety of tools and examples to create minifile programs immediately
  • Proven tool to catch errors before they get to the machine
  • A single file can contain up to 255 different passes
  • Each pass can have up to 384 meridians
  • Each meridian can have up to 16,767 zones
  • Slope calculation of paths to check for smoothness
    Sagittal calculation of paths to check for continuity
  • Simulated oscilloscope to check position, velocity and acceleration of fast tool servo device
  • Multiple document interface to view / edit multiple files simultaneously
  • Convert MiniFiles or paths to text files
  • Edit path and MiniFile header data
  • Set paths to work with the toric marker
  • Apply a sagittal or rotational offset to paths