The GP Power Suite is the most advanced GP lens design package available worldwide.  This program enables the user to create a wide range of both standard, rotationally symmetric and complex, non-rotationally symmetric lenses at a click of a button.  It outputs lens designs in Optoform file format. These include :

  • Multicurve front and back surfaces (up to three lenticular curves plus an additional four bifocal zones;.aspheric optical zone possible; Up to 9 base curve zones)
  • Up to four base curves with the option of.aspheric central regions
  • Front toric and bi-toric
  • Prism ballasted and prism ballasted toric (“Trism”)
  • Blended toric back surface for single base curve
  • Single and double slab-off… and more

Current Version of GP Power Suite. GP Power Suite – CD. Version 2.5 Sample the power of the GP power suite with the demo version.  This is the full version except it needs the dongle to generate lathe files.  You can create all your designs and materials with this version and use them with full version.  After downloading the file run it and extract files to a folder.  Then run “RGPPowerSuite.msi”.  The user guide in zip file includes a lot of examples and pictures to help you through mastering GP Power Suite.