CHEKMATE is a Windows-based program for the verification of surfaces. It is designed to be used with the Form Talysurf contact profilometer.

“If the part can be made, then CHEKMATE can verify it!”

CHEKMATE can be used to check most types of parts, but was developed specifically to verify parts made using OPTOFORM ultra-precision lathes, especially asymmetric parts made using Fast Tool Servo attachments.

It is the only system available which can verify the full range of parts which the various Fast Tool Servos can make.

The program could be used with data from any Form Talysurf, but since the whole surface needs to be traced, the most appropriate choices would be FormTaly Surf models which have a extended range of motion.

CHEKMATE compares the data from a Form Talysurf trace of an actual part produced with the original design data. It then displays and prints out the differences between the two.

Tilt, “decenter” and radius errors can be removed, and the display can be panned and zoomed as required.

The design data can be analyzed in several different forms.

The most common form will be the MiniFile used to produce the part.

The MiniFile is read by the CHEKMATE program, and the meridian in which the trace was performed is selected. CHEKMATE will then use the data in all the finish paths to calculate the final shape of the part in that meridian. The program automatically selects only the regions of each path which lie on the finished part (as each path may be any set of arcs or lines and any number of finish passes may be used.)

JFL files can also be used with CHEKMATE, including off-axis files and those using second surface files.

Path files, (MBF files) can be used, even though these are not used to make an actual part.

If the geometry of the part is known, a path file can be created and used to verify the part, no matter how the part was made.