Course overview:

An intensive, practical workshop for technical staff who need an enhanced understanding of Variform diagnostics and maintenance.

Course outline:

1. Safety when working with Variforms

2. Diagnosis of Variform problems using the Optoform lathe

3. Removing the Variform

4. Test bench set up

5. Overview of the Variform system

6. Testing and assessment methods, evaluations and options

7. Establishing departures from specification

8. Frequency responses, reasons for deviations, and implications of test results

9. Probably causes of departure from normal voltages and methods of correction

10. Calibration of the high voltage amplifier

11. System calibration and test procedures

12. Mechanics of the tractor unit

13. Maintenance of the tractor unit

14. Practice exercises and review

Delegate profile:

Suitable for technical staff with some background in electronics. Delegates should have a knowledge and understanding of electronic measurements with meters and oscilloscopes.

This course is only available in English.

Duration: 2 days

Locations and dates: 
Florida USA
as per Sterling training schedule, or at your premises by arrangement.

Please note that if you choose this course at your own plant, one of your Variforms will be out of production during the training period, as the training group will be using it.