Course overview: 
This training programme enables programmers to create MiniFiles for Optoform lathes. It is especially suited to designers with an R&D interest, who would like to explore the full range of possibilities available to those using Optoform technology.

(The training course is only available to employees of Sterling customers who purchase (or have already purchased) the MiniFile Path Editor programming software.)

Delegate profile: 
This program is suitable for those with a reasonable level of experience in optical surface or lens design and an interest in non-rotationally symmetrical designs. Delegates require programming experience, with adequate competency in Visual Basic 6.0.

Math skills are assumed and a good understanding of geometry will be very helpful.

Delegates who wish to do intensive work on confidential, proprietary designs are advised to attend the course with colleagues from their own company, rather than participating in programs attended by personnel from multiple companies.

Course content:

Week 1: At the end of this week, delegates will understand the MiniFile Path Editor software, and be able to use it to analyze their path files, and create MiniFiles from them.

Delegates will become comfortable with the MPE utilities, and begin exploring the creative options and the power of both the MiniFile Path Editor and the Optoform (and its associated Fast Tool Servo(s))

Week 2: At the end of this week, delegates will be able to use both the MPE and their own software to create MiniFiles of considerable complexity.

Delegates will work within the 24 – 384 meridian frameworks of their lathes, and see the vast options for rotationally symmetric, non-rotationally symmetric and free-form designs. (These are, of course, within the limits of the departure and frequency response of the Fast Tool Servo chosen.)

The key outcomes for Week 2 are developing the skills to create more complex path files, as well as learning to use new utilities (distributed to delegates) to convert in-house software designs to MiniFiles.

Week 2 is only available to delegates who have completed Week 1.

Course flexibility: The MiniFile Path Editor Programming Training Course is a flexible programme. Each course begins with a discussion about the required outcomes and objectives of the course delegates. (E.g. mold tool manufacturers may have different interests from RGP R&D people). Delegates agree where the training emphases need to be placed. They also contract with the trainer for how much work will be required to achieve the results they need.

Duration: 2 weeks

Locations and dates:

Week 1
Aylesbury UK: as per Sterling training schedule
Florida USA: as per Sterling training schedule
Or at your premises, by arrangement.

Week 2
Aylesbury UK: as per Sterling training schedule
Florida USA: as per Sterling training schedule
Or at your premises, by arrangement.

Note: all delegates are requested to complete a number of pre-course exercises. Please allow several weeks for these before your course. These will be sent to you after registration.