Radiusgauges are available with either a standard or digital display and in either monocular or binocular form. 

All offer the functions of two instruments in one, measuring both the curvature and thickness of contact lenses on a single instrument.

The accuracy of both measurements is increased through the 100x magnification and a coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob.

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Specifications & Features

  • Measurement of contact lens curvature and thickness.
  • Standard 100x magnification with 10x objective and 10x eyepiece.
  • Large external dial gauge.
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing.
  • Large or small aperture.
  • Variable voltage transformer incorporated into base of unit.
  • Monocular or binocular.
  • Standard or digital display
  • Compact, bright, simple to use.



Well suited for measuring soft and hard contact lenses, the Marco Lensmeter 101 is a compact deluxe model with a full 90-degree inclination. This is especially suited to the measurement of contact lenses when used in the vertical position.

Standard equipment on the 101 includes such deluxe features as a prism compensator, external power and axis readings, and an American-style cross-line target. The oversized lens table permits the measurement of conventional lenses from 30 to 90 mm in diameter. The instrument is well suited for laboratory or office use.



A good choice for an ophthalmic lens laboratory microscope, the EMZ5 is Sterling’s choice for high quality instrument at an affordable price. 

It is a binocular stereo zoom microscope with stand, which comes with an 0.7x to 4.5x objective lens (the lower lens) and 10x eyepieces. There are also 12.5x, 15x, 20x or 30x eyepieces available. 

The optics are “wide field” types, and are of high quality, giving a wide, crisp, and bright image with very good inherent depth-of-field (the portion of the image seen which is in focus from front-to back, or how much of the image can be brought into focus at one time.)


  • Body: Binocular rotatable 360°
  • Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1
  • Zoom Range: 0.7x – 4.5x
  • Zoom Control: Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
  • Magnification: 7x – 45x (with 10x eyepieces)
  • Field of View: 32mm – 5.1mm
  • Working distance: 93mm
  • Eye-tube Inclination: 45°
  • Dioptric Adj: Dual (+/- 5 diopters)
  • Extended Mag Range: 2.1x – 270x
  • Inter-pupillary Distance Adjustment: 54mm – 75mm
  • Extended Working Distances: 34mm – 251mm (with supplemental objectives and eyepieces)

The pole-type stand has an integral focus block, extendable working distance, and provides both transmitted & incident halogen illumination. (The illuminators may be operated independently or simultaneously.)




通过 100x 放大倍数以及同轴粗调焦和精调焦旋钮来提高两种测量的精度。

按美元 ($) 计的价格(该链接指向 7.8 – 美国价格)按英镑 (£) 计的价格(该链接指向 7.9 – 英国价格)


  • 隐形眼镜曲率和厚度测量。
  • 标准 100x 放大倍数,带 10x 物镜和 10x 目镜。
  • 大型外部千分表。
  • 同轴粗调焦和精调焦。
  • 大孔或小孔。
  • 安装在装置底座上的可调变压器。
  • 单筒或双筒。
  • 标准或数字显示器
  • 结构紧凑,色彩明亮,使用简单。



非常适用于测量软性和硬性隐形眼镜,Marco 镜片测度仪 101 是一种紧凑型高级仪表,具有满 90 度倾角。该仪表特别适合于测量处于垂直位置的隐形眼镜。

101 上的标准设备包括许多高级部件,例如棱镜补偿器、外部电源和轴读数装置,以及美式十字靶。超大型镜片台允许测量直径 30 至 90 mm 的传统镜片。该仪器特别适合于实验室或办公室使用。



Sterling 的 EMZ5 显微镜是眼科镜片实验室的理想选择,具有极高的性价比。

该双筒立体变焦显微镜配有支架,还配有 0.7x 至 4.5x 的物镜(低倍透镜)和 10x 目镜.还提供 12.5x、15x、20x 或 30x 目镜。



  • 显微镜体:双筒可旋转 360°
  • 变焦比: 6.5:1
  • 变焦范围:0.7x – 4.5x
  • 变焦控制:双筒,有刻度,双侧安装
  • 放大倍数:7x – 45x(带 10x 目镜)
  • 视野:32mm – 5.1mm
  • 工作距离:93mm
  • 镜筒倾角: 45°
  • 屈光调整:双向(+/- 5 屈光度)
  • 扩展放大倍数范围:2.1x – 270x
  • 光瞳间距调整:54mm – 75mm
  • 扩展工作距离:34mm – 251mm(使用随附的物镜和目镜)