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FTS 1000
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The world’s best selling ultra-precision ophthalmic lathe for contact lenses or Intraocular Lenses (IOL) – designed for the manufacture of spheric, aspheric, toric, diffractive and other non-symmetric lens designs.

Features and Benefits

  • Capable of producing limitless IOL and contact lens designs
  • 2-Axis architecture eliminates the build up of tolerances which occurs with 3 and 4-axis lathes
  • Linear motors provide smooth, no-cogging motion, and maintenance-free operation
  • Hydrostatic air slides provide stiction-free motion and superior lens surface roughness
  • An air bearing spindle enables smooth and repeatable lens rotation which are critical for ultra-precision IOL and contact lens manufacturing. A water chiller option is available to cool the spindle and minimize environmental temperature effects on lathing performance and subsequent lens quality.
  • High accuracy laser encoders on the linear slides ensure the highest accuracy motion for producing superior lens geometries and surfaces
  • Positioning resolution for the linear slides is 8.6 nanometers to enable excellent lens surface roughness
  • A thick granite base provides a flat-rigid mounting structure with excellent thermal stability. Rubber vibration-isolation pads are mounted between the granite and frame to eliminate environmental disturbances transmitted up through floor
  • The Optoform 40 ophthalmic lathe is fully compatible with our FTS 1000 fast tool servo attachment for producing toric contact lenses and intraocular lenses
  • On-machine milling attachments are available for marking toric axes, and IOL haptic milling
  • A freezing device for precision lathing of IOL hydrophobic materials is also available
  • A large area tooling plate accommodates up to 6 diamond tools for flexible surface and edge diamond turning
  • Another Optoform option available is the CNC controlled spraymist for polish-free surfaces and extended diamond tool wear
  • The Optoform machine control software is extremely stable and flexible to accommodate a wide variety of lens designs
  • Powerful and user-friendly design software integrates seamlessly with our Optoform ophthalmic lathe
  • A touch-activated monitor permits efficient and logical interaction between the operator and machine. Keyboard operation is also available for facilitating set-up routines
  • The Optoform 40 conveniently interfaces with the users’ IT network

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