Nanoform 250 utra

Nanoform 250 utra

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The Nanoform 250 Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Lathe is designed for the production of optical lenses, optical mold inserts and mirrors as well as small precision mechanical components. The machine can be configured from 2 to 4-axes to produce spherical, aspheric and freeform surfaces. The machine comes standard with X, Z-axes and a standard swing capacity of 250mm and slide travel of 215mm.

The Nanoform 250 Ultra has an Optional B and C-axis that allows for Slow Tool Servo using (X, Z, C), Tool Normal Contouring using ( X, Z, B) for and for freeform optics (X, Z, B, C)

The Nanoform 250 Ultra comes standard with Precitech’s UPx CNC machine control that provides a user friendly interface with features designed specifically for increased throughput. It is fast and easy to use and boasts an unprecedented 16 picometer feedback resolution an and industry leading operating system with 0.01 nanometer programming resolution. Sealed natural granite base provides exceptional long term stability. The Nanoform 250 Ultra incorporates an FEA optimized dual frame for the ultimate in environmental isolation. The linear motors are driven by true linear amplifiers.

Precitech designs and builds our own hydrostatic oil bearing sideways with optimized stiffness and damping characteristics, liquid cooled slides for thermal stability and our own motorized air bearing spindles that allow us to maintain close control over quality and delivery.

Configuration Options:
Single Point Diamond Turning, Tool Normal Diamond Turning, High Speed Machining, Raster/Groove Milling, Fly-cutting, Non-Rotationally Symmetric Freeform Machining; Fast Tool Servo, Slow Tool Servo.

Nanoform 250 Ultra
Slide Travel:
220 mm
Max Feedrate:
4,000 mm/min
Swing Capacity:
250mm / 222 mm over optional B-axis
Spindle Speed:
SP-150=7,000 rpm / HS-75=18,000 rpm

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