Optoload 500 Web Site Photo

The Optoload 500 automates the loading and unloading process for a single Optoform lathe producing contact lenses or intraocular lenses.  Click on this link to watch a video of the Optoload 500 in action.

Benefits :

  • Automated part loading and unloading operation reduces labor cost
  • Repeatable operation insures consistent quality and manufacturing cost
  • Mechanically decoupled design permits cutting during robot operation, minimizing cycle time
  • Modular design enables integration with existing Optoform machines
  • Small foot-print allows locating in typical production line setups
  • 600-piece pallet rack allows unattended 3rd shift operation resulting in reduced labor cost
  • Elevator-style part rack accommodates optional environmental control for hydrophobic or hydrophilic parts
  • Bar code system for automated part program transfer to Optoforms, and part organization and tracking in users’ part flow management system
  • User-friendly Windows® pallet-loading software for quick start-up and operation
  • Optional vision system to automatically locate and align the toric axis
  • Enclosure and interlock system provide safe operation for operators and bystanders