Milling Attachment (Engraving/Milling Options) For Nanoform 200

Download the Engineering Specs (MS Word format)

Features and Benefits

This high-speed turning and milling option uses a normal high-speed ultra-precision machining process to cut parts, which are lathed with appropriate diamond tools.

The applications of this device include alpha-numeric engraving of mold inserts, with the ability to strictly control depth, as well as direct milling of intra-ocular lens haptics.

It then also automatically engages a low-speed capstan drive to control the part, which is being cut, initiating the milling phase of the operation. A high-speed air-driven turbine tool then cuts the part to a desired shape (e.g. cutting the haptics of an intraocular lens) or mills a desired pattern on the surface of the part.

The normal high speed function or the low-speed capstan drive engages or disengages automatically and the diamond tool or the turbine tool moves into place automatically. This allows for the rapid sequencing of each part of the two-fold process, as milling alternates with normal high-speed ultra-precision machining of parts. The single fixturing of each part avoids inaccuracies.