Sterling provides the supplies for stocking and maintaining all contact lens or IOL manufacturing laboratories. This includes the various waxes, polishes, polishing system supplies, lens cleaning agents, etc., required for lens manufacture, as well as supplies of items for machinery maintenance (specialty greases, spraymist solutions, filters, specialty light bulbs for inspection intrumentation, etc..

Our MicroCloth-based polishing system is particularly popular. The polishing MicroCloth is made of a unique blend of fibers, each of which has 36 individual small, micro-thin fiber-strands. The fibers of this innovative weave therefore have edges which are sharp enough to clean, but too small to scratch. It is used by many major lens producers because of its outstanding results.

Microcloth is available in 15″ x 20″ sheets or in precut circles (1.5 inch diameter or 2.0 inch diameter). The cloth is usually used with delrin polishing cups which contain triple-structured sponges for surface polishing. The MicroCloth is held over the sponge surface with a rubber O-ring. Please contact for a sample.

MSDSs (material safety data sheets) are available from Sterling for all products offered. Please contact for this data.

Quality certification is available by lot or batch number, where this is appropriate to the product.

Voltages: Various electrical accessories, such as hot plates and ultrasonic cleaners, are available in 110 and 220/230 voltages. Please stipulate voltages when ordering. There is sometimes a small price difference for different voltages.

Click here to download a list of available collets for Optoform lathes (.pdf format)

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Sterling 提供用于存储和维护所有隐形眼镜或 IOL 制造实验室的供应品。这包括多种蜡、抛光剂、抛光系统供应品、镜片清洁剂等镜片制造所需要的材料,以及用于机械维护项目的供应品(特种润滑脂、喷雾溶液、过滤器、用于检查仪表的特种灯泡等)。

我们基于 MicroCloth 的抛光系统深受客户欢迎。该抛光 MicroCloth 由独特的纤维混合物制成,每种纤维混合物都包括 36 个单独的小型微薄纤维束。因此,这种创新编织技术的纤维具有便于整理但由于过小而不易造成刮伤的锐边。因其出色的使用效果而受到许多主要镜片生产商的青睐。

Microcloth 以 15″ x 20″ 片状或预先切制圆形(直径为 1.5 英寸或 2.0 英寸)两种形状提供。该抛光布通常配合聚甲醛树脂抛光杯使用,其含有用于表面抛光的三重结构海绵。MicroCloth 借助 O 形橡胶圈保持在海绵表面的上方。如需样品,请联系。

Sterling 提供所有产品的 MSDS(材料安全数据表)。如需数据表,请联系。


电压:各种电气配件(如电热板和超声波清洗器)的电压可为 110 伏和 220/230 伏。请在订购时规定电压。产品价格有时会因电压不同而略有不同。

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