Sterling offers a complete range of diamond tools for Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT).

Flexibility: As technology changes, Sterling ensures that each client has the right diamond tools for all requirements. We provide standard and customized (process-specific) diamond tool solutions for all R&D and production needs.

These include:

  • Natural and synthetic single crystal diamonds
  • Traditional solid shank or insert systems (in which the diamond is vacuum brazed to a tungsten insert)
  • Controlled or non-controlled waviness options
  • Conical or cylindrical clearance options
  • Custom tooling designs
  • Rapid, high quality re-lap services in North America, Europe and Far East
  • Flexible, custom, managed programs to lease diamond tools rather than invest in tool inventories

Quality: The ultimate precision in lathing is derived from a 2-axis machine design. This provides both the greatest precision and maximum rigidity in the machine tool. 2-axis machines require controlled waviness tool designs for the finishing tool only. If there is error in a diamond tool form, this translates (one to one) directly into geometric error in the surface of a machined part, so tool quality is of the highest importance to ensure good form. 
Diamond tools are made under ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing controls and inspection procedures, to international industry standards.

Tool life: Precise craftsmanship and quality control ensure that each diamond is cut and oriented for maximum life. Sterling works with clients to ensure

  • high-quality, wear-resistant tools
  • good tool care procedures
  • regular relapping schedules
  • help and trouble-shooting for any process problems which might shorten diamond tool life
  • managed tool programs
  • CNC controlled spray-misting attachments, as a machine option, to prolong diamond life and enhance surface finish

Relapping: Sterling offers diamond tool relapping or repair at several centers world-wide (North America, Europe, Far East). Rapid turn-around and excellent precision work ensure that all tools return promptly, having been relapped/repaired to the highest standards.

Value: Diamond tools are an on-going cost in manufacturing, so Sterling takes care to ensure that all tools offer exceptional value for money, without compromising quality and service.

Check Diamond Tool Part Numbers: click here to download the Sterling Consumables List