Diamond Tools

Sterling offers a complete range of diamond tools for Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT).

Flexibility: As technology changes, Sterling ensures that each client has the right diamond tools for all requirements. We provide standard and customized (process-specific) diamond tool solutions for all R&D and production needs. These include: Natural and synthetic single crystal diamonds Traditional solid shank […]

Manufacturing Consumables

Sterling provides the supplies for stocking and maintaining all contact lens or IOL manufacturing laboratories. This includes the various waxes, polishes, polishing system supplies, lens cleaning agents, etc., required for lens manufacture, as well as supplies of items for machinery maintenance (specialty greases, spraymist solutions, filters, specialty light bulbs for inspection intrumentation, etc.. Our MicroCloth-based […]

Lens Materials

  • IOL Materials
  • Hard Contact Lenses
  • Mold Insert Materials
  • Electro-Optics Materials


Automatic Blocker
This efficient automatic blocker, designed for higher volume applications, is a “hands off” unit, which eliminates operator variability.

Manual Blocker
This robust static blocker offers long term precision blocking for spherical and prism lenses.


Bladder Polisher
This innovative versatile tool polisher is suitable for soft and RGP lenses.

Tumble Polishers
Tumble polishers for intra-ocular lenses are available in a range of sizes, in single or multi-tiered options.