Sterling Ultra Precision is the world’s largest manufacturer of ultra-precision CNC lathes for the production of Contact Lenses and Intraocular Lenses (IOL).

Sterling provides the most advanced technology for production of freeform (non-rotationally symmetric) optical surfaces. Sterling’s fast and slow tool servos, powered by innovative software, offer a world of possibilities to lens designers and manufacturers.

Sterling’s client list is a “Who’s Who” of the global ophthalmic industry with every major contact lens and IOL producer using Sterling’s OPTOFORM and / or NANOFORM ultra-precision lathes.

Sterling’s route to providing world-class, cutting-edge lathes and technology lies in the Sterling-Precitech partnership which began in 1991. Precitech, formerly Pneumo Precision (1961) and Rank Pneumo (1984), builds the world’s most advanced ultra-precision machine systems. These systems are used in electro-optics and precision mechanical component manufacturing for defense, aerospace, consumer electronics and many other industries.

The Optoform 40

Sterling’s many years of ophthalmic design and process knowledge have united successfully with Precitech’s precision machine-building capability. Together we created the OPTOFORM series, which offers advanced technological solutions for ophthalmic manufacturers around the world.

Sterling’s flexible CNC machine controller is combined with its powerful software programs for lens and mold designs including torics as well as aspheric, spheric, multi-spheric, slab-off, bifocal and edge designs. Sterling’s OPTO-CAD software converts AutoCad (dxf) data to lathe compatible file formats.