Sterling Ultra Precision Showcases Optoforms®

Sterling Ultra Precision had a very active trade show schedule this fall.  Exhibiting their Optoform® ultra precision lathes at the CLMA annual meeting in La Jolla California and at the IOL Technology Conference in Nice France.      At CLMA, Sterling demonstrated their Optoform® 40 with FTS 1000 fast tool servo.  The FTS 1000’s 200m/sec2 acceleration capability enables complex toric, prismatic and slab-off contact lens designs. The high acceleration of the FTS permits higher spindle speeds which translates into better surface quality and faster cycle times. Precision asymmetric edge transitions were also demonstrated using the FTS fast tool servo and powerful new machine control software.       At the IOL Technology Conference in Nice, Sterling showcased their Optoform® 80 ultra precision lathe. The Optoform® 80’s stiff hydrostatic bearings, low cogging linear motors and high accuracy laser encoders enable polish-free intraocular lens (IOL) and contact lens surfaces. Elimination of the polishing step reduces manufacturing cost and ensures complex IOL prescriptions are not altered during the polish process.     For more information on Sterling Optoform line of ultra precision ophthalmic lathes. E-mail:

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