Sterling Ultra Precision is the world’s largest manufacturer of ultra-precision ophthalmic lathes for the production of contact lenses and IntraOcular Lenses (IOLs).

Our Optoform® series ophthalmic lathes and Nanoform® series ultra precision CNC lathes are used by every leading manufacturer of contact lenses and IOLs. Sterling’s Optoform 40 is ideal for direct lathing of lenses while the Optoform 80 and Nanoform X are the industry standard for producing metal mold inserts for contact lens and intraocular lenses. These lathe models are capable of producing no-polish surface finishes for intricate designs such as diffractive multifocal and square edge IOLs.

Sterling provides the most advanced technology for production of non-rotationally symmetric designs such as toric and segmented multifocal lenses. Our FTS-1000 fast tool servo has the ophthalmic industry’s best frequency response and stiffness for maximizing productivity and quality lens surfaces. Sterling also has a suite of design software for contact lenses and intraocular lenses for easy integration with the Optoform series ophthalmic lathes.

Our route to providing world-class lathe technology is the Sterling-Precitech partnership which began in 1991. Precitech manufactures the world’s most advanced ultra-precision machining centers used in electro-optics and precision mechanical component manufacturing for defense, aerospace, consumer optics and many other industries.